Image of Commissions


Each commission will be worth differently depending on colour, size, and how many characters.

Here are also some additional rules:

You’ll get a large 300dpi file (PNG by default, other by request) of at least 5 inches long in at least one dimension, of the characters or subject you request. I will email it to you or put it up on my deviantArt account if it is too big.

I of course have the option to say “no thanks!” I will not draw anything pornographic or of extreme gore/ graphic violence. If you would like examples as to what I am willing to draw, please feel free to visit my deviantArt account.

None of the commissions that I do are for commercial use. If you would like me to draw something for commercial use, please contact me directly at If you are sharing my art, please make sure to add my name and url under the picture.

You will not receive the commission until I have received the full payment. All sales are final once I have sent the finished product.